January 04, 2015 at 11:35AM

1. Ohrwurm (Ear worm)
Having a song stuck in your head as if it wriggled itself into your brain through your ear.

2. Fernweh (Distance pain)
A longing for a place that isn’t where you are right now.

3. Kummerspeck (Grief bacon)
When a relationship ends or during other times of sadness, anger, or worry, it’s common to put on a few pounds of Kummerspeck

4. Innerer Schweinehund (Inner pig dog)
Can’t get up in the morning to be on time for work? Homework remains undone until the last minute? The blame lies with your inner pig dog. That’s the tiny voice in the back of your head which is trying to convince you to live a life of inertia and which you will have to overcome to rid yourself of Kummerspeck.

5. Fremdschämen (Exterior shame)
It describes the feeling of shame when seeing someone else in an uncomfortable or embarrassing situation.

6. Torschlusspanik (Closing-gate panic)
The feeling of urgency to accomplish something before some imaginary gate closes and “it’s all too late.”

7. Treppenwitz (Staircase joke)
The best jokes, lines, and comebacks always occur to you afterwards. That’s the so-called Treppenwitz. It’s the joke that comes to your mind on the way down the stairs after talking to your neighbor in the hallway two floors up.

8. Lebensmüde (Life tired)
This word literally means being tired of life. Nowadays lebensmüde is what you call your friends when they are attempting something especially stupid and possibly life threatening.

9. Weltschmerz (World pain)
The world isn’t perfect. More often than not it fails to live up to what we wish it was. Weltschmerz describes the pain we feel at this discrepancy. It can be one of the main drivers for Kummerspeck.

10. Weichei (Soft egg)
Someone who is weak and cowardly. The same is also conveyed by calling someone Würstchen, the diminutive of sausage. Apparently Germans like to name wimps after foodstuffs.

11. Backpfeifengesicht (Slap face)
Have you ever heard the joke “Some people just need a high five – in the face – with a chair?” Backpfeifengesicht describes someone who you feel needs a slap in the face.

12. Erklärungsnot (Explanation poverty)
It’s what you find yourself in when put on the spot without a sufficient explanation or excuse for something you have done or failed to do.

13. Sitzfleisch (Sit or seat meat)
Those who possess a lot of seat meat are able to sit through and weather something incredibly hard or boring. It’s like carrying your own personal cushion around with you.

14. Purzelbaum (Tumble tree)
A somersault on the ground, a favorite way of children to get their clothes dirty.

15. Dreikäsehoch (Three cheeses high)
A person who is vertically challenged, implying they’re only as tall as three wheels of cheese placed on top of each other. Usually this label is reserved for small children, together with Zwerg or Pimpf.

16. Zungenbrecher (Tongue breaker)
It is the German equivalent of tongue twister, a phrase that’s very hard to pronounce even for native speakers due to its sequence of letters. A very common one in German is Blaukraut bleibt Blaukraut und Brautkleid bleibt Brautkleid.

17. Schattenparker (Shadow parker)
This word is part of a series of insults for men which accuse them of unmanly behavior. In this case, of parking their car in the shadow to avoid heating up the interior. These kinds of derogatory terms were something of a meme some years back and whole lists of them exist on the internet. Alternatives include Warmduscher (someone who showers with warm water), Sitzpinkler (a man who urinates while sitting down), or Turnbeutelvergesser (someone who used to forget their gym bag in cardio class).

18. Kuddelmuddel (???)
I know, great final word right? Don’t even start guessing its English meaning. Kuddelmuddel describes an unstructured mess, chaos, or hodgepodge. Alternatives which are equally awesome include Tohuwabohu, Wirrwarr, Mischmasch, and Kladderadatsch. I know, some of these just sound too far-fetched to be true. Well, they are far-fetched – gathered in the distant land of Germany. If you’re still convinced I’m making up words, go ahead and look them up in the dictionary!
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